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 Transformational Change Processes to bring about change you can trust.

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Leona Dawson

Psychotherapist ~ Hypnotherapist ~ Coach
Professional, Caring and Attentive.

My background

Leona Dawson – Sydney Psychotherapist

Take control of your life. Supporting your personal growth and healing; resolving dilemmas, making better decisions, knowing yourself. You can resolve persistent habits and addictions, weight and lifestyle issues, anxiety concerns such as panic, phobias, indecision, perfectionism, procrastination  as well as overcome performance and study challenges. We can ease tension related symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, TMJ & bruxism and other chronic health issues. Offices in Sydney or Gordon, and appointments available via Skype.

Experience Transformational Change. Do you need help with …

overcome anxiety

Anxiety, Insomnia & Phobias

Everyone experiences anxiety. But when it takes over your life, fills your thoughts and stops you doing what you actually want to do – it’s a problem. Anxiety can be expressed in so many ways.

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hypnotherapy for weight loss

Weight & Well Being

Do you have a constant stream of thoughts about your weight, how you look and how others look (compared to you)? Has this led to a lifetime of yoyo dieting, food or exercise obsessions?

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overcome addictions

Addictions & Habits

No matter how much willpower you use there are times when you are just too tired, too stressed or simply on automatic pilot and you find yourself back in the ‘addiction & habit trance’.

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imrpove your health

Health Issues

How would it be to find our what your symptoms know about your health? How would it be if there were an inner wisdom you could access to find the next step forward with your experience.

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making decisions

Transitions & Decisions

Sometimes life takes us by surprise or we experience changes and upheavals that leave us floundering trying to make meaning of the events or simply at a loss.

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personal development skills

Personal Skills

Sometimes we spend our life as a personal development project. We learn, change, do one thing and the next thing is already on our horizon. Choose change that comes from the heart.

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