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A little film clip “modelling” Internal Family Systems

Leona Dawson Internal Family Systems

How would it be if you spoke with yourself like that? How might your life be? How might your relationships be?

It is possible to come into that kind of inner relationship with yourself – even with those parts of you that currently seem problematic – maybe habits that are not helpful, anxiety or depression, your relationship with your body, or your sense of self-confidence.

How does the way you talk to yourself, think about yourself, look at yourself, impact your life?

Internal Family Systems is model of therapy and personal development that supports you in coming to know yourself better, in releasing unhelpful beliefs about yourself and the world, in developing your strengths and capabilities. IFS helps you become kinder, friendlier, more curious about yourself bringing in more self-acceptance and with that more choices about what you want and how you want to respond to experiences you have.

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