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Can you guarantee success using hypnotherapy?

Leona Dawson FAQ

3d human with a red question markMost clients ask me…

What is your success rate for my problem? Can you guarantee success?

Behind this question is a desire to bring about immediate and effective change; to release and resolve the issue that is causing suffering and creating problems. You want this change now. You want to feel better, do things better and change your life.

Your hope/dream is that hypnotherapy can make this to happen and then this part of your life will be behind you. You want to be sure the changes will stick.

The thing is that hypnotherapy doesn’t make change happen per se. Its not a process where you come in doing one thing and walk out doing another having been in a hypnotic trance. Unfortunately dramatic stage hypnosis shows lead people to believe the hypnotherapist can control the mind of the person hypnotised. Nothing could be further from reality.

The hypnotic trance is essentially a state of voluntary, alert and relaxed awareness in which the mind becomes more open to new ideas and new possibilities which might normally have been dismissed by the thinking conscious mind and the underlying belief systems that generate these thoughts.

Hypnotherapy supports you in the process of making changes by giving your mind a chance to find new solutions to issues, to being more aware of your inner strengths that can support you in sustaining change and to recognising patterns of thinking, feeling and doing that can shift old habits.

Hypnotherapy cannot offer guarantees about outcomes any more than other therapeutic modalities whether they be CBT, Naturopathy, acupuncture, mainstream medication from your GP, or group programs such as 12-Steps. All therapies can offer is an opportunity for change.

That said, as an evidence based practitioner, I offer processes, in consultation with you, that are supported by research and give the highest chance of that change occurring. Typically, I offer a mix of Strategic Psychotherapy (based on Cognitive Therapy) within a solution-focused orientation integrated with hypnotherapy. NeuroHypnotherapy is a mix of counselling and clinical hypnosis.

I can guarantee that I work to the best of my abilities, with you.  In order to have success, you and I work together, understanding our own roles and responsibilities in the therapy process. We work together to create a process that supports you in making better choices in your life that will bring about the change you want.

So….to help you make sense of all this and decide if hypnotherapy can support you on your journey I offer all my new clients a free 20 minute no-obligation appointment. We can chat about all your questions, get to know each other and more about your issue/concerns ascertaining if and how we might work together. I cannot definitively say how many sessions are needed as each person is unique. I can only say that hypnotherapy tends to be a solution-oriented brief therapy and we do no more sessions than you need and you will know when you have had sufficient.