Your Therapy Experience
Change Your Life

Stage 1: Getting Ready for Change

  • Map your unique patterns
    • Identify purpose of patterns
    • Prepare yourself for change so that your brain & emotions are working together
    • Develop self-care skills so you stay learning & change ready

    Stage 2: Create the changes you desire

    • Deactivate & dissolve unhelpful patterns that lead to problems
    • Activate & anchor your new preferred patterns that lead to solutions
    • Reconsolidate new neural networks through new ways of thinking, feeling and doing

    Stage 3: Reinforce your successes

    • Accentuate success and deactivate any final remnants of old pattern
    • Re-anchor updated patterns
    • Actively integrate new patterns into your life

    Stage 4: Retain & Strengthen

    • Develop brain-wise skills to become your own best therapist
    • Reinforce your vision and goals
    • Develop resilience and trust in your own abilities

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