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Do just one thing … an antidote to stress

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Stress and Meditation


Are you flopping down on the sofa to watch T.V. to relax? Web-surfing to relax? Are you wondering why the stress isn’t disappearing?

That’s because screen-based activities continue to activate your brain.

Meditation is essentially doing JUST ONE THING. That’s it. Bringing your awareness to JUST ONE THING.


To meditate you can choose anything that is JUST ONE THING:

  • just breathe – following your natural breath in and out
  • just walk or just swim
  • just notice thoughts and feelings coming and going
  • just notice body sensations
  • just knit, crochet, draw, doodle, make models…bring your complete awareness to your hobby
  • just daydream (no planning)
  • just exercise
  • just listen to a relaxation or guided meditation audio
  • just bring your awareness to feeling kind towards yourself, others and our world (metta meditation)

There is no one way to meditate. Its helpful to settle into a couple of techniques that suit you…your body mind learns that this is meditation time and begins to settle itself. At first you might feel restless, agitated or fall asleep. That’s ok. Just persist. Your body is releasing lots of nervous tension and in time this will drop away. You will find you feel relaxed and alert…and the process of meditation refreshes and rejuvenates your mind, resets your para-sympathetic nervous system and down-regulates your stress response.

Not only will you find you stress less – you will find less things stress you. You will be learn how to respond not react to life.


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