Does Hypnotherapy Work? Leona Dawson, Sydney Hypnotherapist

Does online therapy, coaching or hypnotherapy work?

Leona Dawson Online Therapy

Yes. Online therapy works.

It works if:

  • Having a session from your home or office is a better option for your life.
  • Travelling to and from a session just cannot fit into your day.
  • You might want a therapist or coach who is not available locally.
  • You might want to schedule sessions while you are travelling.
  • You want more flexibility with your appointments.

Most of us are very comfortable communicating online nowadays. We use Facebook, Instagram, Skype, virtual meetings, teleconferences and email regularly. At work we log in and out of many programs. We are now used to communicating via a screen.

How do I know online Coaching/Therapy & Hypnotherapy can work?

Firstly I know because I’ve provided online services for clients and been an online client myself. Based on my experience I can tell you:

  • That Online therapy is still effective, healing and supportive.
  • The person-to-person connection that happens in a therapy room also happens with online counselling.
  • That it is possible, because we use a video connection, to also do more than talk therapy. We might do some art or we might do an activity to support your session and enquiry.

Secondly, research published in JAMA Psychiatry, has provided evidence that clinically appropriate online psychological therapy provides a highly effective and accessible solution. In other research trials, online therapy has been found to be as effective in reducing symptoms as therapy delivered face-to-face by a clinician. Evidence is particularly strong that anxiety, stress and depression can be treated online.

When is online therapy not a good idea?

  • If you don’t have a safe and quiet space for the session. You will need to ensure you have a place that is quiet enough and you will be free from interruptions and distractions for both the length of the session and some time afterward if needed.
  • If technology is too difficult for you to manage or you just don’t have reliable access to the internet.  I meet with my clients via a secure video conferencing service, so a web camera and headphones are also required. If all of that sounds like too much for you, then online therapy may not be for you.
  • If you feel more than a normal level of concern about your ability to bring yourself into a calm-enough state and stay connected to a therapist who isn’t in the room. You might need to meet face-to-face with a therapist as you develop these self-connecting and self-soothing skills.

If you think online therapy, coaching or hypnotherapy might be right for you please get in touch with me via my contact page to arrange an obligation free complimentary consult.