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Free yourself from Depression & Anxiety

Leona Dawson Depression & Anxiety

When you suffer from depression and/or anxiety, it feels like nothing can ever help and nothing will change…

anxiety_imageThat is what both depression and anxiety do to your thinking. They make you feel certain that you can never feel happy again, that you can never be worry-free again. They drain the pleasure from things you used to enjoy, make you see everything through grey-tinted glasses and eradicate hope and energy. They even colour how you see your future.


I have been trained in an approach to treating depression and anxiety that focuses on getting you feeling better quickly. This approach attends to the pillars of thinking and feeling that prop up the heavy burden of depression and anxiety.


The very first thing we will do in our session together is to ensure you understand why you are feeling this way. It has a lot to do with the levels of stress you are currently experiencing, which leads to physical as well as mental and emotional exhaustion.


Then I will work quickly to help you feel better by using deep relaxation with you. This is to prepare your brain to learn, because as you’ve probably noticed, depression and anxiety make it almost impossible to pay attention and retain information.  Stress, worry, fear and feeling blue narrow your focus, flood your body with flight, fight,freeze or fold hormones so that it feels impossible to make better choices. A relaxed brain and a relaxed nervous system is able to make a wider range of choices.When you leave my clinic after that first session, I would expect you to feel better, a sense of hope and possibility and more relaxed than you have in a long time. 

But of course, depression doesn’t shift overnight.

In the following sessions, we will work together to:

  • reduce the amount of worrying and introspection you are doing
  • begin the process of resolving any practical problems that are causing you stress; uncovering solutions that can work for you and creating a plan for change
  • work on any relationship difficulties you may be having as well as patterns for dealing with conflict, confusion and chaos
  • find ways to say yes to what you want, say no to what is not good for you (people, places and habits) and find space for rest, play and creativity
  • increase your energy levels while decreasing insomnia and nervous tension
  • help you balance your thinking so you are not plagued by negative thoughts, the belief that nothing can change and the projection of this fear into your future.
  • as you feel better, gradually introduce elements to your life that will protect you from becoming depressed again


Depression can make you feel hopeless. Anxiety can make you feel fearful. Until they don’t. Until you break the trance they have you in. That’s right. Depression and anxiety are trance states; they are ways you have learned to think and to expect life to be. And trance states are changeable. Change the trance you live by – change your life.

Through counseling, hypnotherapy and making different choices you can live a life in which challenges and difficulties are kept in perspective, a life in which you notice the glass is half full. A life in which your better trust your own resourcefulness, hopefulness and capacity to influence your life for the better.


There is hope, and I think I can help, so please give me a call.