reducing anxiety with mindfulness

How to be Mindful when you are Anxious

Leona Dawson Depression & Anxiety, Stress

7 simple steps to help you “be with” your anxiety.

Did you know:

Avoiding anxiety increases anxiety.

Arguing with anxiety increases anxiety.

Agreeing with anxiety, believing it in its entirety, increases anxiety.

That’s right! Most of us, when we experience anxiety, try to:

  • Argue: push it away – we resist, counter-argue or override, or
  • Avoid: distract ourselves, do something, take something, or
  • Agree wholeheartedly: go right into it…we start to believe the thoughts and ruminate, plan, worry and get lost in the anxious space.

Instead we could try to acknowledge, accept  and allow this process of anxiety and simply mindfully notice what happens next…using our in-breath and out-breath strategically can help us watch our anxiety, witness our anxiety and wait for it to pass – as all things do. We can pay attention to our experience rather than get lost in our experience.

“Acknowledge, accept and allow…watch, witness and wait.”

I highly recommend the guidance in the article below.

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