Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Do you have a constant stream of thoughts about your weight, how you look and how others look (compared to you)?

Has this led to a lifetime of yoyo dieting, food or exercise obsessions.

Have you lost your ability to eat intuitively, letting your body inform you about what it needs for well-being and nourishment. Have you lost your ability to simply enjoy food because of the emotional backlash?

It might be time to change your relationship with yourself and your body so that feeling healthy and nourished becomes your priority – not your weight, your diet or your exercise program.

How would it be to give yourself permission to nourish yourself? That might be emotionally, physically, in your relationships, your work and leisure time.

How would it be to make nourishing yourself the guide you use to make choices in your life?

Ask yourself,  “where do I nourish myself now?” Imagine what it might be like give yourself permission to nourish myself rather than criticise yourself?

The Nourish Yourself program supports your journey letting go of ‘”taking something away” from your life, for example, dieting or food restricting towards becoming aware of what needs to be in your life for well-being.

The Nourish Yourself program is based on:

Health At Every Size (HAES) & Intuitive Eating principles:

  • Accepting and respecting body diversity
  • Recognising that health & well-being includes nourishing our physical, social, spiritual, occupational, emotional, and intellectual lives
  • Supporting eating in a way which balances individual nutritional needs, hunger, 
satiety, appetite, and pleasure
  • Supporting individually appropriate, enjoyable, life-enhancing physical activity, rather than exercise that is focused on a goal of weight loss.

 Intuitive Eating helps you reconnect with your own sense of rightness when it comes to eating. You develop self-trust and a way of sensing inwardly for what is needed rather than following rules, diets, and injunctions.

In the Nourish Yourself program you will develop self-aceptance, self-compassion and insight so you can become your own self-therapist. You will learn ways of relating to all the parts of yourself that are interested in your health and your well-being.

Rather than being at war with yourself you can befriend yourself and make nourishing choices.

The Nourish Yourself Program gently supports you over just as long as you need to find your way back to yourself, to making nourishing choices and to  trusting your own inner wisdom. We typically start with weekly sessions for the first month, then fortnightly and finally monthly as you find your practice of self-nourishing becomes self-sustaining.

Take Control of Your Life

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