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IFS Quick Quiz – find out your key patterns & parts

Leona Dawson Internal Family Systems, Personal Development, Psychotherapy

Sometimes a quick quiz can bring you clarity, a light-bulb moment, it can make you think, give you hope, and help you start your personal healing journey. An Internal Family Systems Quiz can help you find your patterns and parts.

ifs pattern systemIt can be helpful to explore the key patterns in our lives that we feel compelled to repeat (until we don’t). These might be patterns to do with motivation or communication, or fear/anxiety or rebelliousness. They may be patterns around exerting our personal power (or not), around expressing our feelings (or not).


You might also be interested in which parts are dominating your life to the exclusion of others. It could be a working hard part over the parts that need rest & recovery, or safety-oriented part getting priority over your chance-taking part, perhaps your people-pleasing part over your self-care part?

Would you like to understand…

  • Which patterns of yours is causing certain problems?
  • Which healthy capacities you can develop to improve the quality your life?
  • What behaviours of yours are triggering people?
  • Which childhood emotional wounds are still affecting how you live your life now?

Yes? Then try one of these free IFS Quizzes to help you understand exactly which patterns, parts, capacities, or wounds you need to work on to get the changes you want in your life.

The Quizzes can be used to guide you, to encourage you to think about what you can heal, change, and adapt.

The first 6 quizzes are special purpose because they deal with specific issues/patterns:
  1. What type of Inner Critic do I have?
  2. How can I be close again – what are my Intimacy Patterns?
  3. Why do we have so many fights – the patterns of Conflict & Power
  4. What drives me to overeat? 
  5. What type of eating issues do I have?
  6.  What drives me to please people?

The last 5 quizzes are general purpose because they help you discover which patterns and wounds you have or which capacities you should develop.

  1. What are my Interpersonal Patterns – how can I understand & improve the way I relate to people?
  2. What Interpersonal Capacities should I develop?
  3. What are my Personal Patterns – how can I understand & improve the way I feel and function?
  4. What Personal Capacities should I develop?
  5. What Emotional Wounds do I have that impact how I am in the world? How can I heal pain from my childhood?

Now that you know your patterns and have a better idea about your parts – what next?

  • You can use your quiz results to access resources to support healing and growth.
  • You can book free 15 minute consult with me to discuss how IFS can help you create the life you want to live. Click on the book now button at the top of the page.