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Make insomnia a temporary experience!

Leona Dawson Insomnia

Sleep well with Hypnotherapy, SydneyA recent study by  Northumbria University, published in the international journal Sleep, then in  ScienceDaily, found that insomnia can be ‘cured’ in one therapy session. Great news for insomniacs!! There is hope that this exhausting, mind numbing, dehabilitating experience can be resolved. Stress levels will drop and other health conditions have an opportunity to improve when the body and mind is getting the rest and recovery period it needs everyday (or should I say every night).  Family, friends and colleagues will welcome back the person they love from the grey fog of daytime sleepiness, the wired grumpiness of exhaustion and the inability to participate, with any enthusiasm, in life. For the insomniac the desperate alternating feelings of desire and disappointment can eliminated and replaced with relief, a relaxed self-trust and ease.

No matter how hard I try – I just can’t sleep!

Trying is one of the contributing factors to insomnia. So much effort!  And the more you try, the harder it gets to let go and relax. It’s a double-bind.

So – how can insomnia be resolved so quickly? It boils down to the 3 “Ds”:

  1. Detect -develop awareness around the patterns …using sleep diary for example
  2. Detach -develop mental strategies to manage stimuli that leads to disrupted sleep; and
  3. Distract – develop techniques to enhance cognitive control and utilise imagery to distract your mind from rumination and worry

These 3 components work with the mental aspect of insomnia. I’d like to add a 4th body-oriented component:

4. Down-regulate the nervous system – re-remember how to relax and to de-stress. A calm nervous system calms the mind and releases muscle tension.

Insomnia, for most clients, is a particular pattern they’ve gotten into the habit of running. Its about how they think about sleep, what they do before and at bedtime, not being able to let go of the day and/or not being able to resettle if they wake in the night. AND there are also clients with health conditions that need to be addressed such sleep apnea and restless legs. Hypnotherapy can help release the cognitive and emotional patterns that hold insomnia in place as well as reactivate the relaxation response of the whole body so that it becomes easier to drop into sleep and stay asleep. Other contributing factors to sleep deprivation can be the symptoms of menopause, chronic pain and a partner who is restless, snores etc.

It’s not me! It’s my partner snoring!

Of course, you might not be able to to stop your partner snoring. But you can change how your mind responds to it with hypnotherapy.

It’s not me! It’s menopause/pain!

Yes, night sweats, and pain can disrupt sleep. Hypnotherapy can help with these symptoms – reducing their impact on your sleep.

Can insomnia be alleviated in one session? Yes. In one session a client can have everything they need to make the changes for resolving insomnia – if they follow through on what they learn. Generally I find 2 or 3 sessions support the client to re-establish a good sleeping habit. It gives the mind time to change its patterns, the body time to learn to relax and the client time to make the changes in their lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy helps because it taps into both your conscious mind and your unconscious mind re-activating and re-integrating your natural sleep style. It helps you let go of the patterns that have held insomnia in place.

You can choose to let this life-draining experience go now! In just 3 sessions you can have the change you have been dreaming of!!!