Making Decisions


Sometimes life takes us by surprise or we experience changes and upheavals that leave us floundering trying to make meaning of the events or simply at a loss.

We might ourselves going over and over what happened without finding a way forward. We might find ourselves drawn back to the past while being told to move on.

We might find ourselves struggling to find a new way to be in the world that includes our grief, our confusion or our new way of thinking and being.

Combining counselling, writing and art therapy as well as hypnotherapy we can find a fresh way forward that respects your experience and helps you begin to make sense of it.

You do not need to let go, to forget, to move on. You just need to find a way to integrate the experiences and get a sense of what needs to happen now.

  • grief and loss
  • burn-out and exhaustion
  • loss of direction and connection with hopes and dreams
  • post-traumatic stress
  • life-shock and transitions – employment, health crisis, relationship loss, ageing.

Take Control of Your Life

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