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Managing stress – strategies for success

Leona Dawson Stress

Its stress infographicnot that stress per se is bad for our health. Short bursts of stress are normal. Its chronic stress that erodes our wellbeing and contributes to illness.


Here’s a great info graphic about stress fro J. P. Blackard at HealthGuru.

You can also make some space between stress and yourself through a simple hypno-theraputic process called “Clearing a Space”. Its easy to learn. You can do it 2 minutes or 5 minutes or 20 minutes depending on how stressed you feel or how much time you have.

You can do it whenever you need to. You can do it as a meditation. You can write it as a journal process or even make little drawings. You can do it straight after a single stressor so that you can settle your nervous system and avoid carrying the stress around all day. Or you can do it at the end of the day so that you can sleep better.

Remember too, that neurons that fire together wire together, so practicing this process will teach your body-mind how to let go of stress more easily each time until it becomes an automatic habit. You will also lower the level of chronic stress in your system so that you get less and less triggered and more and more resilient.

You do not need to carry stress in your system anymore. This process is not about ignoring or repressing stressors. Just about finding some space between you and them. And, often, in that space, a creative solution will arise. You have the solutions within you already, its just that when we are stressed our focus and attention narrows and we do not notice all our options.

I have made you a free  guided audio which will help you find space around stressors and get some relief and more ease.

Love to hear how you go…