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Online Counselling during Covid-19

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As I write this I am aware of the gamut of feelings running through my body as our world changes in ways we couldn’t have anticipated. Day by day we are all processing new events and information; some of it shocking, some of it anticipated, and some of it life-changing.
I have noticed waves of sadness, fear, grief, hope, despair, tiredness, edginess, sleepiness and insomnia just to name a few. For some of us our concentration span may have shrunk to the size of a peanut. We may it difficult to settle on a book, a movie or even finishing a work task. This can be a consequence of being hyper-vigilant. Our mind is scanning for danger and its working extra hard because at this point in time Covid-19 is among us but not visible to us. We may be distracted because it is easier than noticing what’s actually going on around us. For some of us this may still be a matter of inconvenience and adjustment as we acclimatise to working from home or social distancing.
As varied as our experiences are we also have parts of us that are living this experience from their different perspectives. We have young scared parts, teenage parts that want to rebel, organising parts, denying parts. When we see the world through each parts eyes have different reactions and behaviours. And this, in itself, can be confusing.
Covid19 Bear

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For example, I have parts of me that have gone into planning mode to stave off the fear and anxiety. I have parts of me that have gone into mother bear mode wanting to protect my loved ones – family, friends and community. I have parts of me that feel fearful about our economy and the impact of a recession on businesses and employees. I have parts of me wondering what it will feel like to socially isolate and when I will be able to hug my adult children and grandchildren next. I have parts of me that have felt hopeful and inspired as communities come together to support each other.

Its helpful to process this mix of feelings and thoughts so that we stay emotionally, mentally and physically resilient. Talking through, listening deeply within and acknowledging what our experience actually is can keep us well. Journalling and mindfulness are helpful.
I have attached a link to a small guide that has some useful positive psychology exercises. Listening to meditations is also helpful. Sounds True are offering a range of exercises. Finally, here is an explanation of Internal Family Systems parts work in regard to Covid-19 that includes a guided meditation.
Most therapy practices, like myself, have shifted to Telehealth/online sessions via Zoom following the latest public health recommendations of social distancing. Moving to online sessions can ensure continued contact and access to connection and care, as well as reducing any anxiety or concerns about possible exposure to Covid-19.
How does Telehealth work?
  • You are emailed/SMS’d a a Zoom link for your session.  Your computer/phone/iPad or tablet automatically downloads the program if you haven’t used Zoom before – it only takes a minute.
  • You will need to find a private room that is quiet so that you can speak freely.
  • The session is conducted just as if you are in an office.
In times of emergency we all do the best we can. I want to offer that online counselling is not unusual nowadays and I’d like to reassure you that wonderful work is possible.
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Stay informed and connected with the right information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19).

You can also access information in the media here:
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