Overcome Anxiety, Insomnia & Phobias


Everyone experiences anxiety. But when it takes over your life, fills your thoughts and stops you doing what you actually want to do – it’s a problem.

Anxiety can be expressed in so many ways; for some people its social situations, for others its a persistent and pervasive sense of foreboding, it might a cluster of symptoms like feeling nauseous, sweating, shaking or tension through your whole body, you might have insomnia, it might be feeling irritable or tearful for no good reason or feeling restless all the time.

Sometimes it seems like we’ve always been anxious and when people say ‘just relax’ we simply cannot do it. Our mind races on and our body follows feeling tense and tired at the same time.

You might also have a pattern of ‘being in control‘ keeping your life, and the lives of others, on a strict agenda or having unbending rules in order to know what is going to happen next. You don’t want any surprises!

Anxiety can lead to perfectionism – where a fear of failure or mistakes overrides reaching your goals. You might find yourself procrastinating to alleviate this fear. You put off what you need to do. Your wheels are spinning and you are getting nowhere.

Anxiety is really a cluster of ways of thinking and responding to the world that comes from a deep desire to keep you safe.

Together we can explore your particular patterns that create anxiety and also heal those parts of yourself that believe the world is essentially unpredictable if not unsafe.

You will learn to be more in the present moment, feeling confident you can cope with whatever comes your way. You will learn to assess risk realistically and let go of nagging, persistent thoughts with self-compassion.

Can you imagine being

  • in the flow with life – finding ease, lightheartedness and even more laughter
  • able to take the next step in life – releasing the bind of procrastination &/or perfectionism
  • able to relax when you need to relax
  • able to make decisions without rehashing them over and over
  • able to socialise without over-worrying about what other people think all the time
  • release the tension in your muscles
  • able to digest your food and sleep better
  • free from tension headaches and jaw pain
  • free from the need to soothe your anxiety with bad habits and busyness.


Fears are often called Fantasised Experiences Appearing Real but in reality you may have had a bad experience which has lead you to vow ‘never again!’ It might have been a fright or being forced to do something that was unpleasant or downright terrifying. Together we can dissolve the extreme emotional loading of the original fearful event or trigger so that you get on with your life making realistic evaluations of each situation as it arises. We do this through down-regulating the habitual response of your amygdala and delinking the automatic physical and emotional reactions. We also give you the opportunity to replay the incident with a better outcome. Remember your brain will make adjustments around what you imagine when you imagine it in a particular way. I will guide you through this process. You may asking yourself  “Can the brain really do this?”  The answer is Yes! This is what elite athletes do whenever they practice their skills over and over in their mind to improve performance. They get better outcomes through active, outcome focused imagining.

  • panic attacks
  • animals, insects and other objects
  • travel – flying, boats, bridges, tunnels, public transport
  • your body doing something embarrassing – fainting, vomiting, falling over, sweating, blushing
  • performance anxiety & public speaking
  • places – hospitals, dentists, escalators & lifts, unfamiliar surroundings surroundings
  • heights, open spaces. enclosed spaces
  • dentist or medical procedures
  • assignments and exams
  • missing out, being laughed at, terrorism

The list can be endless because we, human beings, are so very unique. This is why hypnotherapy can help. We can deactivate YOUR panic or phobia pattern which is unlike anyone else. You will not only start to feel calmer and more confident, you will no longer live your life around your fear. You will be able to do what you need to do and go where you need to go.

Take Control of Your Life

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