Overcome Persistent Habits

Bad habits seem to overcome us even when we promise ourselves “never again!”

No matter how much willpower you use, sometimes you are just too tired, too stressed or simply on automatic pilot and you find yourself back in the ‘habit trance’. It’s like someone else takes over and you are no longer in control. This is true.

The response comes from a part of you that uses the habit to soothe you, to release fear or stress or to make you feel better in that moment. You could say there are good intentions behind the habit even though what you are doing is making your life difficult, if not impossible. Instead of adding stress to your life by asking you to use ‘willpower’ to keep the habit at bay we will use hypnosis to find out the ‘good intentions’ behind the addiction or habit and develop a better response to get those same intentions met.

You can be free of the habit that has been controlling you and make better choices. You can use the time, money and energy this habit has been soaking up. What might you do with that extra time, money and energy? What would you like to release today?

  • shopping
  • internet
  • compulsive exercise
  • over-working
  • gossip
  • sugar
  • gambling
  • stealing
  • lying
  • complaining.

Take Control of Your Life

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