Personal Development Skills

Who doesn’t want to be their best selves?

Sometimes we spend our life as a personal development project. We learn, change, do one thing and the next thing is already on our horizon. How would it be to become that you you know you can be without the inner critic driving you on, without an underlying sense of inadequacy or fear of not being enough. Without an underlying drive for acceptability or simply to feel okay?

There is a way to make the changes we want, with wisdom, clarity and kindness as well as the paradoxical self-acceptance of who we are now and who and how we want to grow and develop. There is a way to be on the personal development journey that is congruent with your true self. The self you were when you were born and not the self you developed to keep yourself safe and acceptable to your family and community. We all learned to adapt to our environment. This is a normal part of life. However sometimes precious parts of ourselves get hidden because they are not okay in our family, culture or even in the era we were born. Hidden inside our self-improvement project is desire to return to who we really are.

Did you know you can continue on your journey of personal development from a more centred place?

In  this personal development program we:

  • explore your personal development agenda; hopes, dreams & aspirations
  • check for parts that don’t want to join us on the journey and find out their hopes, dreams & aspirations
  • identify your core purpose
  • develop self-compassion and self-acceptance so that we can manage the ups & downs of your journey
  • identify our values so they can guide us
  • identify strengths so we can leverage what you already have
  • create an action plan for success which includes your vision, your skills, incentives and resources.
  • examine the ecology of your plans – who will it affect, how will it change your life and the lives of those around you? What will be the impact on your material wellbeing, behaviours, emotions, identity, beliefs and relationships?

This process of congruent transformational change is called WayFinding. It’s like you journey to come back to yourself. And yet you have grown, developed and explored who you are and can be.

Choose change that comes from the heart.

Choose change that fits with who  you are so that you feel more and more yourself.

And as you connect with yourself more congruently, with clarity and compassion you might find your relationship with the world changes too.

Take Control of Your Life

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