self-hypnosis and relaxation

Self-Hypnosis 2- Relaxing your way

Leona Dawson Self Hypnosis

The next skill to learn in self-hypnosis is to relax into your experience.

When practising self-hypnosis you have some choices to make to ensure success

1. Create the best environment

  • choose somewhere quiet where you won’t be disrupted and which feels comfy and safe.
  • turn your phone off
  • dim the lights a little or lower the blinds so that you do not have any glare
  • sit in a comfy chair with your back supported

2. Choose the length of time you would like to practise – anywhere between 10-20 minutes is usually sufficient. Set a timer on your phone so that you can let go of giving thought to how long you have left.

3. Set a positive expectation for the change you plan to experience.


breaker-1404522-639x9724. Relax in your best way

Remember a time you were very relaxed and revisit that experience by asking yourself:

….”and when I am deeply relaxed with a focused awareness, thats like what?….

You might notice an image comes to mind, or some body sensations or a metaphor. For example:

“It’s like floating on a warm, calm ocean.”

“My breath is calm and smooth and flowing.”

“It’s like watching the sunrise over the mountains on a clear morning.”

“It’s like feeling my muscles get warm and heavy and tingly.”


5. On your out-breath simply visualise, feel and say your best way of relaxing…

..and I’m floating on a warm, calm ocean and feeling more relaxed with every out breath

….and when I’m floating on a warm, calm ocean I feel more and more relaxed…floating…warm…calm…ocean

…..and every out breath relaxes me more deeply..floating…warm…calm…

……feeling more and more relaxed, warm and relaxed, calmer and calmer, …….

…….and my face feels more relaxed ………

………and my neck feels more relaxed…and my shoulders feel more relaxed

(and as you say this simply notice which sensations indicate you are feeling more relaxed…it might be warmth, tingly, heaviness, lightness, hardly noticing that part of your body, a sense of stretching or lengthening). Keep going all the way to your toes. If you find any spots of tension simply breath into them and allow them to relax in their own way on the out breath.

6. And now repeat gently and slowly, in your mind, the outcome you’ve set.

“I want a lifestyle that improves my well-bring.”

…………..and as I relax I notice I choose to take the steps I need to take (inset your outcome here – for example – “I choose to eat and exercise for well-being…”

……………and I can see myself (create an image) for example: “I see myself eating food that nourishes me”

….and I can hear myself encouraging myself for example: “I hear myself saying I want to eat well for my own well-being”

…and I notice the changes that are happening because I am making these choices for example: “I am feeling vital and energised, my weight is healthy.”


7. You can say these statements of ones that come to mind as many times as you like. Notice the images and choices you are generating. At the end of the time you have set restate your outcome by saying

……”And won’t it be interesting to notice these changes in my life and the ways I choose to make these changes each and every day.”