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Self-Hypnosis 3 – Keeping up the Momentum

Leona Dawson Self Hypnosis

In my last blog post you will have read:

At the end of the time you have set for your self-hypnosis session restate your outcome by saying:

“And won’t it be interesting to notice these changes in my life and the ways I choose to make these changes each and every day.”

This is a general post-hypnotic suggestion which  allows you to:

  • be open to change occurring and noticing movement in that direction
  • focus your attention to when and how change is occurring
  • actually change your behaviour and responses during your everyday life, outside of hypnosis by setting up a cue which prompts your conscious and unconscious mind to initiate the change when certain things happen or you think certain thoughts.

Post-hypnotic suggestions and cues are powerful extension of your self-hypnosis work.

When you are working with a hypnotherapist your post-hypnotic suggestions can be very specific. You will have explored, deeply, the pros and cons of your desired change. You will have allowed those aspects of yourself not so keen on change (they have been running the pattern you want to change for a good reason according to their inner logic). All aspects of the situation will have been given a voice in this process and will have been integrated into a creative solution.

self_awarenessWhen you are working on your own I recommend keeping your post-hypnotic suggestions:

  • open – that is they can be adapted to different situations
  • flexible – they can change as you change
  • include awareness – you notice what is happening
  • include your own agency or choices – reflect mindfully on the impact of your choices on your goal or desired outcome

That is why it is helpful to include a statement such as the one above or:

  • …and won’t it be interesting/wonderful/comforting to discover that when I am in that or similar situations, I will find myself acting in very different ways that continue to support my goal to….
  • …and anytime in the future I wish to renter this comfortable and pleasant state of calm and relaxation, I will find I can do so just by making myself comfortable and breathing deeply and slowly for a few minutes… and I will be able to return quickly and easily to this level of deep relaxation and focussed awareness whenever I choose…
  • …and won’t it be interesting to notice myself making these changes and how I will notice these changes through the choices I am making each and every day…feeling more and more confident in my skills and abilities and more able to reflect on the impact my choices make towards my goal…

Post hypnotic suggestions can also be framed as a question. When we ask a question our conscious and unconscious mind will set about answering it!

  • …and I wonder what I will notice first about these changes and how I will reinforce positive steps in the right direction?
  • …and I wonder how my new awareness and choices will support me in making adjustments in my life which lead me ever closer to my goal?