self hypnosis as self-care

Simple in-the-moment Self-Care

Leona Dawson Health, Personal Development, Self Care, Stress

This simple self-care can be done anytime, anywhere.


That’s right – a nap might be just the thing.

But if you can’t put your head down and close your eyes try this. When you notice you are feeling a little stressed, anxious, tired, frustrated, worried, down or something just doesn’t feel quite right these 3 steps can help you come back to a grounded sense of Self.

  1. Notice & breathe. Notice your experience. Take a couple of deepening breaths.
  2. Acknowledge – simply say a warm, curious hello to your experience. Hello anxious thoughts, hello tight chest, hello rock in the pit of the stomach. Hello to the part that doesn’t want these experiences. Hello to the inner critic that thinks this is crazy.
  3. Place each part (might be a thought, a feeling, an image, memory, a felt sense) at just the right distance for you both to get a little space. You’re not tossing them away or banishing them. All you are doing is just getting a little space. Getting a chance to come back to your whole Self. When you feel that spaciousness, ease, self-compassion then you might just nap. Take a break from all the worrying, thinking, planning.