Leona Dawson

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Panic Disorder

“In just a few sessions, Leona helped reduce my panic in such a dramatic way that I was again able to see the path that I wanted to take. I found Leona to be both professional and incredibly warm and kind, helping me at an incredibly difficult time in my life. Thankyou Leona.”


Migraine Relief

“My migraines have definitely decreased in frequency following our sessions. I had a record 11 weeks until I got the next one! Now they occur approximately every 2 months which is so much better than before. I still listen to your hypnosis audio around 3 times a week. Thank you.” ER, Sydney

Insightful & Valuable Experience

I sought Leona’s expertise to help navigate through a difficult and challenging personal matter. I found Leona’s approach to be incredibly warm and compassionate. Her thoughtful and considered approach helped me to gain significant insight and to arrive at a comfortable solution. I would not hesitate recommending Leona to anyone wishing to seek clarity or guidance through difficult situations or life decisions.

Laura, Sydney

Very enlightening

I have known Leona for a while and have found all her workshops very fruitful, encouraging and delightful. I have learnt so much from Leona’s cool, learned style and she always surprises me with her developing, ever-increasing incredible psychotherapy toolkit. My recent session in Internal Family Systems approach was very professional, meaningful and engaging leaving me feeling relaxed and blessed. I would not hesitate to recommend Leona’s vast therapeutic skills and expertise to anyone and everyone.


Getting in touch with myself

Just wanted to say that I have got so much out of my two sessions so far with Leona. She helped me discover and explore new and enlivening parts of myself that were previously out of my awareness. I felt really energised after just two sessions.
Thanks Leona.

Andrew P

Breaking out of Recurring Patterns

I am so grateful for Leona’s ability to create a safe environment where I felt free to open up and explore my mind. She listened with a soft, understanding heart and guided me to full clarity. With Leona’s help, I was able to break free of some ingrained habits that were having a negative affect on me, and prevented me from living life to its fullest potential. Leona helped me understand the cognitive process and purpose of each emotional drive behind every reaction. I can confidently say that thanks to Leona I am better equipped to handle any challenge that comes my way in the future. I honestly feel uplifted and free, thank you Leona for your continual support!

Ashleigh, Epping

Deep insight and clarity

Through our Skype sessions I was able to find deep clarity and insight into a situation I was struggling with. Leona’s depth of experience and professionalism helped me to feel safe, while her gentle and open manner made me feel supported throughout the journey.
Through the work I found a deeper level of knowledge about myself which has helped me nurture my internal world and has given me a sustained sense of peace.
Skype sessions felt no different than actually being face to face. I loved it and will continue with it.

Katie, Port Hedland

Clarity in 20 minutes

Leona assisted me to find clarity and pin point exactly what I am wanting to change in a particular area of my life by the way she skilfully used her unique 20-minute coaching process. I would recommend Leona and this type of coaching style to anyone. Thank you Leona!

Bernadette, Mid-North Coast


Immediately I met Leona I felt comfortable and relaxed. Leona showed me choices for my self-hypnosis practice which fitted with my personality. I can now practise with confidence and success.

Kathy, Mona Vale

Binge Eating

I started seeing Leona struggling with a persistent and puzzling pattern of binge eating. Together we unpacked how I was running my pattern and the emotional drivers behind it. With the counselling and hypnotherapy combined I have stopped bingeing.

Joanne, Maroubra

Stress and Anxiety

Today, I am a changed person. The most relevant change is that I no longer feel as stressed or anxious as I was, because I now acknowledge that my own needs are important and I am comfortable putting myself first without experiencing guilt when doing so.

Cindy, Central Coast

Overcoming Challenges

With Leona’s help, I managed to get through my difficult hurdles, and maintain my own style and integrity through a very challenging time.

Beth, Mudgee

Compulsive Snacking

I felt really listened to by Leona. My problem was clarified and gently reflected in a way that seems to have been effective as I surprisingly don’t have the desire for over-indulging in sweet things. I would not hesitate to recommend Leona’s extensive counselling and hypnotherapy services to anyone.

Glenda, Northern Beaches

Insight and Solutions

I felt very at ease working with Leona. She is very experienced and professional, and so she and the environment felt completely safe and comfortable. The process itself felt very natural and organic. I  felt met where I was which enabled me to explore my issues at a deeper level and, in the relaxed atmosphere, be open to healing and new possibilities. It was a very supportive, expansive and calming experience.

Marilyn, Frenchs Forest

Releasing Negative Emotions

I have undertaken a series of counselling sessions with Leona and have gained so much learning, self understanding and most of release from emotional pain. I found Leona used many different techniques to help me release and shift. I am truly grateful to Leona.

John, Sydney

Career Transition

Leona was great to work with. She explained the process so everything was clear and made me feel comfortable right way. I found the discussion at the start of the session gentle yet powerful, even just the way she posed questions helped me reframe the issue. The hypnosis was relaxing and I felt safe and in control, but also completely bathed in kindness. I left with new ideas and ways of looking at my situation.

Julie, Glebe

Teeth Grinding and TMJ Pain

I was constantly grinding my teeth while sleeping which led to the development of TMJ . The TMJ caused me to experience severe facial pain. I saw Leona for three sessions of hypnotherapy. The sessions were extremely relaxing and after each session I gradually noticed a reduction in my grinding at night and overall better sleep. I would highly recommend Leona as a therapist and am now a firm believer in the power of hypnotherapy!!!!

Susan, St Ives