Say No! to a New Year Resolution. Shift your Mindset instead.

Leona Dawson Hypnotherapy, Personal Development

Say No! to yet another New Year Resolution. What if I were to suggest that you don’t, that’s right, don’t make a New Year Resolution for 2020?

Why you might ask?

If you make a resolution that comes from seeing something you are doing as a problem to be eliminated or a habit to be broken you are creating something new out of something old. You are seeking a solution from the space or energy that holds the problem in place. You are, in essence, working against yourself.

Or to put it in other words; one part of you is trying to override another part of you.

How has that been working out?

This year why don’t you try something different?

Give yourself a MindSet Reset.

new idea

That lightbulb moment

This is typically a single hypnotherapy session that releases underpinning, often hidden, beliefs that lead to the behaviours you are trying to change.

Once you have cleared these you can start afresh. You can notice what you want (not what you don’t want). New goals might come to mind; ones that you would never have considered. New ideas can surface and catch your attention once your mind is clear and old emotions released.

Choose to kick off your life in 2020 with something new.

Book now for a January appointment to start 2020 with your Mindset Reset.

Appointments start on 7th January.

Say no to a New Year Resolution. Choose a MindSet Reset from the appointments dropdown menu. To give you the best chance of success I will set aside 2.5 hours to get you to where you want to be.