Making Decisions


Burnout, transitions and decisions are not problems.
They are a call to action.
A call to find your way through life with clarity, balance and wisdom.


  • Have you been working hard, juggling multiple responsibilities and now feel burnt out?
  • Do you simply have no energy and feel chronically tired?
  • Do you need sleep but suffer from insomnia?
  • Are you feeling more and more detached from your work, your family or even your hobbies?
  • Have you noticed a tone of cynicism creeping into how you think about your life and your work?
  • Are you feeling increasingly ineffective, distracted or disinterested?
  • Has your confidence plummeted?

These are all signs of Burnout. Burnout is when we feel physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Our passions and motivation have disappeared and we cannot find them again. We might start to experience ill health, anxiety or depression.

Burnout is not something that happens just because you work too hard or need to manage your stress levels. Working hard and stress contribute to Burnout but do not cause it. Burnout happens when what we are doing is no longer a good fit with who we really are. This means we can experience Burnout at home, at work, with our friends, with our community commitments, and even with our favourite project.

I can help you with Burnout. We can look into the factors that led to Burnout. We can restore your vitality and enthusiasm and bring a sense of balance into your life. I can help you reconnect with your passions, what you value and to consider the kinds of changes you want to make alongside what is possible. Together we can chart a journey towards feeling yourself again.


Sometimes life takes us by surprise or we experience changes and upheavals that leave us floundering trying to make meaning of the events or simply at a loss. We might ourselves going over and over what happened without finding a way forward. We might find ourselves drawn back to the past while being told to move on. We might find ourselves struggling to find a new way to be in the world that includes our grief, our confusion or our new way of thinking and being.

Or we might find ourselves choosing to transition from a job, the place where we live, a relationship, a community or a way of life and wanting to manage our transition wisely.

Together we can work through the normal stages of a transition; honouring what has been, acknowledging the present and planning for the future. We can work towards clarity and acceptance with creativity and mindfulness. We can explore the impact your options have for yourself, the people around you and your dreams.


Making decisions can be difficult. Sometimes we can feel stuck between 2 choices while not seeing other options. We can feel like we are in a no-win situation and start avoiding the decision that needs to be made. We can go around in circles spending all our energy trying to think of the right answer, asking for advice and finding none of it helpful. I have a number of processes to get beyond the stuck mind to bring clarity to your decision making.

By combining counselling, writing, art therapy and hypnotherapy we can find a fresh way to manage burnout, transitions and decisions that respects your experience and helps you begin to make sense of what you want, how you want to it to be and what you can do to get there.

Take Control of Your Life

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