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Did you know you can enrich your life with this one simple practice: Writing a Journal

Journal writing regularly is one of the most potent and powerful habits you can take up. You will find yourself showing up better in every area of your life — every area! Without question, journaling has by far been the number one factor to everything I’ve done well in my life. I use it to help me make decisions, to listen within for wise advice, to sort through dilemmas, to come up with ideas, to vent, to express, to find all the aspects of myself that I don’t speak out loud. I use my journal to record my life, dreams, hopes and even my disappointments. My journal is self-therapy, self-development and self-acknowledgement.

A journal can be short bursts of ideas, a deep reflection, a list of words, a recollection an event, a day, a week. Your journal can be mindfulness practice. It can be a way to track your progress towards your gaols.

A journal is whatever you want it to be.

Research has proven that keeping a journal can help people recollect the good in their life, cultivate gratitude, release physical and emotional pain, build a stronger immune system, lower stress, improve creativity, calm inner conflict and emotional upheaval, and cultivate resilience. Journal writing heals. Journal writing can ‘right’ your life.

Journaling is an evidence-based tool for self-care, self-therapy and mindfulness.

Here’s the problem though. Most people imagine journal writing to be more than it is. More time, more effort, more skills than they have. They imagine they will have nothing to say.

But…what if you could create a journal writing practice that is just right for you?

Why not join me, and my fabulous colleague Jade, in this gentle and supportive workshop. You will write, with clear prompts and gentle encouragement. You will learn practical considerations about keeping a journal, tools to get your writing beyond the surface level, and ways to make your journal expressions more creative.

writing a journal

Spring into Journaling

2nd September 10am – 4:30pm
White’s Creek Cottage
31 White Street, Lilyfield, NSW 2040

In just one day you can start or re-invigorate your journal writing practice.

When you join us you will discover:

  • a journal writing style that is just right for you
  • how to move beyond any barriers to writing
  • how to sustain & maintain your journal writing
  • quick & easy ways to add variety to your journal writing
  • different journal types from notebooks, to looseleaf journals to e-journals.

In this workshop you will learn how to journal for personal growth and reflection to create a great tool for your wellbeing that you can use anywhere, anytime.


One last thing…

You’ll spend the day at this beautiful heritage cottage set in a community garden and fresh water wetland.


~receive a beautiful personalised gift pack which includes a journal to get you started

~be nourished by a delicious morning tea including a plate of seasonal fruits

~be able to help yourself to a range of teas & coffee and nibbles throughout the day

~receive personal support in journal writing


Happy to help.

Call me on 0403 125 332 or email me: leona@leonadawson.com.au
if you want to know more…

Yes, you can invite a friend…
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